sales strategy

sales strategy

get more from your effort

lead your team to new sales growth by targeting more profitable places!

Generate more return from your sales force by targeting and focusing effort where it matters most

By measuring the key drivers of demand for your business, directly from your sales data, Clutch can forecast customer and product sales potential, prioritise sales channels, target new distribution points and focus new product launches and sales promotions to drive maximum sales returns.

Forecast Customer Sales Growth

By simply analyzing current sales data we are able to determine and forecast demand for your business into the future. Clutch's quantifiable measurement of the demand drivers of current sales generates a new platform from which you can prioritise your customers. Based on growth potential rather than last year’s results ensures you get more return for your effort.

Whether your field team is outsourced or managed in house we will accurately measure the current customers, prospects, sales channels and distribution points that offer the greatest high yield sales growth for your business.

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Forecast Product Potential, Stock weight and Availability

By measuring the demand characteristics for every single product that you sell, Clutch can determine the most effective ranging and stock weight for every customer; existing or new.

Clutch takes the guess work out of product forecasting and market potential by providing an objective measure of demand that we calculate for every distribution point.

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Target New Business Development

When Clutch's demand forecasting is applied to new business prospects, you can prioritise new business development by customer, distribution point, distribution channels and geography giving you better results faster. This leverage can be applied to more effective sales strategies across:

  • Business to Business Sales (B2B Sales)
  • Channel Management and Channel Marketing and
  • Consumer or Residential Door to Door Sales
  • Consumer lead qualification
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New Product Launches

Our unique forecasting framework provides a jump start for new product launches simply by leveraging existing knowledge.

Most launches are based on some level of market research. At Clutch, we can convert that research into a quantifiable demand profile that generates sales forecasting for every customer you work with; so you can focus on the right customers with the right new products, every time. This level of product analysis drives new product strategy and significantly tightens any new product plan.

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Smarter Sales Promotions and Merchandising Strategies

By focusing your effort where it counts, you will optimise field effort, reduce wasted resources and save thousands on promotional & merchandising material.

With Clutch's accurate and detailed measurement of the characteristics of demand you are targeting we can also help you align to consumer markets by tailoring:

  • Sales Promotions
  • In Store Placement
  • Merchandising Strategies
  • Price Promotions and
  • Product Samples and Product Sampling