retail performance

retail performance

be more profitable

align the shopper experience to drive loyalty and profits!

Drive revenue growth by selling the right products, in the right locations, the right way.

Generate more return from your sites through tailored ranging, pricing, promotions and services.

The Right Locations

Clutch provides precise measurement of the demand characteristics that drive your success. By aligning these to local areas we can:

  • Accurately identify the best locations for your business
  • Evaluate store and network performance
  • Identify underperforming sites
  • Forecast the sales potential for every outlet
  • Forecast and rank the levels of demand in each market
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The Right Products

At Clutch we align product ranging to local markets by accurately measuring the characteristics of demand for every product you sell. With this understanding we can forecast the retail sales potential of every product in each and every one of your outlets.

“In Stock” and in the right volumes

Managing the availability of stock can be an involved task but without reliable demand forecasting it’s a losing battle.

“Out of Stocks” cost millions of dollars in lost retail trade every year, talk to us about accurate demand forecasting.

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The Right Way

In the same way that we direct communications strategy, we can determine the precise tactics required in retail marketing to increase customer engagement and store profits. Clutch provides clear priorities for your stores that cover the key aspects of local marketing including:

  • Customer Service Imperatives
  • Store Presentation Imperatives
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Promotional strategies
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