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Convert research into results, faster.

We convert your information into greater leverage and control over results

Whether you have qualitative or quantitative research, customer data, or store sales data we close the gap between knowledge and implementation by integrating your knowledge.

Knowledge Integration

At Clutch we utilise a unique market framework that converts multiple data sources into one measurable framework. This framework provides a reliable and accurate platform from which all marketing effort can be clearly and consistently launched, measured, analysed and improved. This work involves market research and customer data integration, allowing your customer database, customer research, consumer insights and consumer behaviour data to be leveraged through one consistent framework.

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Qualitative and Quantitative Research

By analyzing your respondent data with our unique Mindset measurement framework we convert your consumer research into clear, actionable strategies for implementation. Clutch's customer profiling provides much more than a market description by including the communication and engagement imperatives for the customers and prospects that matter most.

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Customer Data

By leveraging our unique measurement of all 8.4 million Australian Households, our data analysis transforms your customer data and customer segments into better sales results. Clutch's unique customer profile delivers the specific rules for effective communication and includes the key themes, words, images and calls to action for every single customer in your database.

Sales Data

Through an analysis of your current sales we determine the specific drivers of demand for your business, identifying the key priorities and most effective strategy for sales growth.

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Leveraging market research data is only the start

Clutch's deliverables include:

  • Growth and Retention Strategies
  • Communication Briefings
  • Distribution Priorities
  • Sales Promotion Imperatives and
  • Customer Engagement Workshops
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