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What to say

Clutch provides a precise communication brief for your customers and prospects and tells you exactly which messages will be more effective with each individual.

These specific needs and expectations are determined through our quantified communication research.

At Clutch, we start where you want to end up; quantitatively measuring the key decision drivers and communication imperatives. We deliver the specific rules for effective communication and engagement, including: themes, words, images and calls to action.

Our process begins with analyzing, integrating and converting your knowledge base including:

  • Market research
  • Customer Data &
  • Retail Site locations
  • Location Sales data

This ensures you get a complete and objective picture of the requirements of current and intended communication and positioning.

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Who to say it to

By targeting the right message to the right people, the Clutch approach is designed to improve communications and marketing by boosting your levels of engagement and response.

Just like the needs, wants and expectations of the 8.4 million Australian Households, every communication development is unique.

Clutch delivers clear instruction and consultation to ensure your marketing communication strategy is effective in reaching the markets that matter most.

To ensure the most effective communications strategy and message targeting, Clutch takes a complete and objective view of the areas of focus:

  • The needs, wants and expectations of the defined market
  • Current position of the brand, product or company
  • Strategic intent in the market
  • Competitive environment and
  • The realities of implementation and execution
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How and Where to say it

To ensure optimum market response and waste reduction Clutch accurately identifies the critical priorities to target communications.

For one to one marketing (email, telemarketing and direct mail) Clutch has the capability to generate custom communications for every individual you want to connect with.

We pinpoint the areas for message delivery by isolating key targets within:

  • Customer Databases
  • Prospect Databases
  • Retail Locations and
  • Geographic Areas

And then determine the most effective mediums and mechanics for engaging these targets.

This includes:

  • Media communications and selection
  • “In store” communications
  • Promotional Mechanics
  • Customer enquiry management
  • B2B / Business Communication
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