Whitepaper: 8 ways to win in 2008


Last November in our original whitepaper we commented on the volatility of Australia’s economic position and about the urgency to be seriously considering the generation of consumer demand in 2008.

Given that our predictions regarding interest rate rises and slowing demand are proving accurate to date, the issues of more considered spending and increasing pressure on Australia’s businesses to be both relevant and meaningful, to their consumers, shareholders and employees are still very pertinent.

What is still relatively unknown is the velocity with which consumer confidence will continue to “free fall” and whether promised tax cuts in the middle of the year will do anything to break our fall.

The wild revenue ride is indeed slowing up and at this stage is looking like the proverbial “handbrakie” generally reserved for suburban youth with too much time and too little opportunity. Right now, we all need to make sure that we are in a sustainable position. Critically, from a marketing point of view, its time to take a good hard look at what really matters to your business and more importantly to your customers.

Unchanged, here are the 8 things to consider for 2008

  1. Invest in brand relevance
  2. Focus on influencing choice by meaning something
  3. Leverage customer satisfaction for sustainable share
  4. Value profitable customers and guard them with your life
  5. Stop the “Crop Dusting” and start tailoring customer solutions
  6. Extract optimal value from fixed resources
  7. Increase variable resource options
  8. Measure success through customer wins

These points are explored further in our White Paper which you can request by clicking here;Please send me: 8 ways to win in 2008

If you are a leader in 2008, you will want to understand the new rules now and ensure that your people begin to make the adjustment.

It’s an exciting time, one where we will be challenged to create more relevance and meaning and implement with precision. This is a time where waste cannot be sustained and guess work will not be sufficient for survival. If you enjoy working smarter, you are about to have a whole lot of fun.

Scott McLaughlin, Director - Strategy

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