Optimising Sales in Off Premise Liquor - Drinks Trade Magazine June / July 2008


Much has changed in the off-premise landscape with the entry of many new trading banners, an onslaught of national chains and the increasingly battered independent bottle-o fighting to compete.

When you look at the demands that the Australian consumer places on the off premise channel, the chicken and egg argument is firmly in place.

The expectation of consumers has been shaped by the aggression of many retailers and the constant trade offs consumers make between service, convenience and price.

In the end, these expectations shape the very nature of demand in the channel.

There are those consumers who opt for big box retail in favour of their range and price, those that enjoy the convenience and community aspect of their local bottle shop and those dedicated to the experience of driving through to quench a thirst.

So what?

The implications of you knowing the difference are purely financial. If you are a manufacturer or distributor the cost of misplaced stock is both economic and relationship based. For the marketer, misaligned support is wasted effort and money.

Scott McLaughlin - CEO

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