Local Area Marketing at your "Local" - Drinks Trade Magazine Aug / Sept 2008


In our special focus on consumers, Clutch have profiled the likely clientele of seven Australian onpremise venues, based on demand forecasting,exploring the most effective style of promotions for each venue and the possible challenges each may face in delivering value to their customers.

You can wander into just about any on-premise venue in Australia, and come across a very different crowd. In fact the ‘regulars’ can vary dramatically in the same suburb and sometimes the same street.

Given this reality, it does pose the question then, why do so many manufacturers take a blanket approach to the distribution and promotion of their product ranges? The answer, all too often, is based on which are the best products to supply (based on the manufacturers needs) instead of what would stay in demand (based on what the consumer wants). This approach is about making sure you are not wasting your time, money and resources promoting products where there is limited consumer demand.

The cost of ineffective ranging or supply can cause significant damage to the profitability of both venue and supplier, so the real answer is to start managing this where the product ends up, with the consumer.

In this article we explore these differences across seven venues in Australia using the latest in consumer demand forecasting.

Scott McLaughlin - CEO

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